7th of April, 2014: Club Annual General Meeting this Wednesday!

We are but 48 hours away from our Annual General Meeting. As our board members get ready to begin the handover process to the 2014-2015 board, we're taking this opportunity to reflect on what we did well, what areas of the club need improvement, and how we can do an even better job at engaging our local community, and improving the world we live in.

This is always one of the greatest meetings for our club, as we get to witness our new leaders step up to their new roles, and to discuss and decide upon the future direction of the club. Your attendance is both greatly needed and appreciated at this meeting, so please make sure to come along.

31st of March, 2014: Get ready to lift your shoulders, nod your head, make eye contact and learn about Body Language

It's been another full-on week on Rotaract this week. As our board members get ready to begin the handover process to the 2014-2015 board, we're still organising our upcoming book club meetings, working bees and conference attendance.

As we're getting ready to transition to next year's board, this is a good time to think about what the club does well, what could use improving, and what projects you would like the club to get involved in for the new year. As we all know, what a Rotaractor gets out of Rotaract is always proportional to what they put into it. Sydney City Rotaract has always been a very open club, so I would certainly encourage everyone reading this to seriously consider participating in a board role or committee in the new year. Speaking from personal experience, it is one of the most positive and rewarding experiences there is.

24th of March, 2014: Over a hundred Rotaractors spend hours on a boat - Captain reports that all three decks are now Polio free!

It's been a wild week in Rotaract this week, with the "End Polio Now" Darling Harbour Cruise being described as a roaring success! A more comprehensive update will be prepared in time for Wednesday's meeting, but the cruise shattered multiple records to be the club's largest ever public event. A lot of hard work and cooperation went into this one, but a huge pat on the back goes to our Social Directors - Kathryn Charlier and Rebecca Gill. Well done, thanks for a great night, and we look forward to seeing what you have planned for the rest of the year.

Of course, being the dynamo of the club we are, we still have plenty of events coming up in the near future to help our members become better people and our planet to become a better world. As always, we hope to see you at as many event as possible (if not more).

18th of February, 2013

Message from our Editor

Hey there gang,

Glad to see that Sydney City Rotaract is getting some awesome stuff together! One of the core tenets of Rotaract is community service, and we have ample volunteer opportunities on the horizon for you all to indulge in! Literally, we are asking for your blood... sweat... but not tears if you don't want to.

16th of December, 2013

Message from the Editor

I checked my calendar for the first time in a long time this week (mainly to see if "Tuesday" was still a thing) and, to my shock, it turned out that we are almost entirely out of 2013! It's been a great year for the club, with lots of fun social events, meaningful service events, a trip to Nepal and a visit to Perth under our belts.

As such, the theme of this newsletter is "Ghosts of Christmas Past", as we take some time to look back on the year that's been, as well as looking forward to the things on our horizon.

21st of October, 2013

Message from our Secretary

Hey hey Rotaractors,

Well, our newsletter this week is certainly brimming with a colourful assortment of things for you all to have a look over! 

At the moment (and as always), there are many ways each of us can get absorbed in club life. Currently we can grow a mo, set and achieve some goals, improve our public speaking, and brush shoulders with some coppers at the Police Officer of the Year Awards. And our community service, professional development, IT and social subcommittees are always eager for fresh meat.


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