Newsletter for 18/02/16

People of Earth, 

We have a newsletter that is absolutely brimming with content so I am going to lead right into it, feast your eyes on all that we have to offer over the comming months!

One quick extra plug, don't forget our next meeting on Wednesday the 24th of February is the AGM! So make sure you come along to vote on the new board for 2016/7!!

Newsletter for 06/01/16

People of Earth, 

Welcome back!!! We hope your holidays went well and you've been staying safe, warm, and dry during this wet start to the year. 

Also man it was weird writing /16 up there. 

Also also, don't fret, even though its a new year, you can know one thing for certain the Sydney City Signal is still going to be packed with the the same great content which I will now get to without further delay. 

Newsletter for 7/10/15

People of Earth, 

What a whirlwind few weeks we've had. Since last we spoke some of us: sleptout under the Harbour Bridge, helped out at Rosalie House, and took a trip down to the scenic Southern Highlands. 

For a change I don't actually have that much to tell you this update. We've kicked a lot of butt lately and frankly I am proud of us.

An announcement from the Editor

Weekly newsletters are dead kids; just like my dreams and Newspapers. Newspaper game 's for saps. 

Since taking over as Editor-in-Chief of the Sydney City Signal, I have often caught myself thinking; man this is a lot of content every week and a lot of it is more or less unchanged. 

This got me thinking. How can we do this better?

Newsletter for 01/09/15

People of earth, 

What a meeting, two fantastic guest speakers, a great passion presentation, and the induction of a new member!

A quick shout-out to the fantastic volunteers who helped out on their Friday night with the Rotary Emergency Services Community Awards, you guys rock

Newsletter for 04/08/15


Oh what a night

Two Paul Harris Fellows, Board Member of the Year, Club Person of the Year, Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screen Play... Next year I am petitioning for a red carpet, according to our Annual Report, I think we've earned it.  

Newsletter for 28/07/15


Ask not what your club can do for you, but what you can do for your club. Then immedately go buy a ticket to the changeover. That's what you can do for your club. 

Yes you should cat, yes you should.

Newsletter for 21/07/2015

People of Earth,

Certain Clubs see the weather in Sydney as it is and ask "Why?". Certain clubs see the much colder weather in the Blue Mountains and ask "Why not?". As you're looking for clues to work out which one of the two categories Sydney City Rotaract fits into, I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that we have two spots remaining for the Winter Weekend Away!


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